Even if you live in London, occupation globe designers can be found in supplementary parts of the country. They are every grain as behalf as their city counterparts

The Search for the Perfect Engagement Ring Designer

The Search for the Perfect Engagement Ring Designer

When you and your fellow charge logical about the genus of engagement ring you want, if you live in London, chore globe shops and designers abound and there is a gargantuan show of option However, dont overlook the opulence of aptitude that lies frontage of the capital.

No compromise in quality

Just because a designer chooses to crystallize up their studio face the money doesn’t mean there is any compromise in ornament or superiority – many own studied either in London or learnt their craft in the best figure schools in Europe. There are many reasons why a designer may decide to coagulate up their task away from the bustle of London Engagement sphere designers are artists and they are inspired by many things, with their environment playing an revered measure in this process

Nature, sky and sea

As the UK is surrounded by sea, those designers that make their home around the coast carry afflatus from the ever-changing sea and sky Many create sapphire job rings that emulator the deep miserable of a summers day or afafir with the ever-changing opal, which mirrors the seas temperament. Designers who have chosen to run their business in locations from Sussex to Cornwall, Bristol to Aberdeen, all posses their keep man legend of crafts, art and design


Yorkshire, with its dramatic scenery, sweeping complete skies, cliffs and crags has inspired many artists and writers The Bronte Sisters, in particular, are associated with the Romantics and they loved this measure of the universe away far from the madding company in London Engagement globe designers here can also influenced by this heathen and beautiful landscape, represantation inspiration to originate rings that epitomise one of the greatest emotions stories in British Literature.

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Lincolnshire is a pastoral and silent allowance of the British Isles, but even here there are outstanding bespoke jewellers toiling away on their keel The architecture of Stamford, with its distinct aficionado houses and bridge over the River Welland, gives muse to the artisans whose workshops and businesses are located here (Architecture often inspires designers both in and beyond London.) Engagement circle artisans often look to the mechanics of engineering and how they can translate that to the medium of gold and precious stones At first, it is heavy to see how architecture on such a goodly area can be interpreted into something as meagre and delicate as a piece of jewellery, but when you look closely, it’s practicable to see how the edges and interlocking designs copier the lines of the buildings that provoke these artists

Look exterior the square

If you’re on the objective for that special ring, why not alloy a idealistic weekend rest with your challenge? Good designers, no interrogation where you find them, cede collaborate with their clients to rehash their extremely personal brief. As this orb is going to be one of the most eminent purchases of your lives, spending a segment of occasion finding the right designer to activity with is worth it

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