Antique Engagement Ring Cuts – The Cushion Cut Diamond

Cushion mark diamonds keep recently become one of the most captivating task rings cuts. Find out supplementary about their unique brilliance here

Antique Engagement Ring Cuts – The Cushion Cut Diamond

Antique Engagement Ring Cuts – The Cushion Cut Diamond

The cushion cut diamond was voted one of the most memorable job ring cuts in 2013 due to its intriguing shape, which is somewhere between an oval and a rectangle Many folks think that this groove is modern, but in fact, it is a classic Its antique system has been a wanting instance beginning and, in closing times, it has made a clever comeback Features

A cushion gouge is a square or rectangular form with rounded corners that resemble a pillow hence it is moreover referred to as the pillow or candlelight score It usually comprises 58 goodly facets (ratio 1-1.05 for square shapes and 1.1 for rectangular), which allow a greater break of white irradiate to emit into the ensign of the spectrum. The cushion nick is described as a irascible between the invalid mine mark and closing oval shape

Techniques retain evolved over the years and several variations of the cushion cut have been developed, including the ‘Cushion Modified Brilliant’ This often has an extra succession of facets on the pavilion that polish the look of the diamond, giving it 64 facets and a perceptible extra scintillation, avowed as the ‘sparkling water’ or ‘crushed ice’ effect. Other subtle alterations, such as adding symmetrical kite- or half-moon-shaped facets to the pavilion and beneath the girdle, posses been made to add a later touch to one of the most antique duty ring cuts

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The cushion indentation was developed in the 19th century and it has continued to flourish and grow The nick originally dates back to the 1400s, when it was admitted as the ‘table cut’. Later, in the 1700s, it became known as the Peruzzi cut, due to innovations made to it by Vincenzio Peruzzi of Venice It then became known as the ‘candlelight’ or ‘pillow’ indentation in the 1800s, portrayal accent to the actuality that the vast facets displayed their finest inactive in candlelight It finally became what we recognize now as the end cushion indentation in 1900.


The cushion score is a captivating possibility for diamond chore sphere cuts because the extra facets mean that further embellish can be dispersed through the stone. This does not make the peanut brighter but gives the sphere a perfectionist and classic appearance

Many of the most famous gemstones in the cosmos are cushion cuts, including the 45.52 carat sorrowful Hope Diamond, the 1405 carat Regent Diamond and the 128.54 carat yellow Tiffany Diamond

Modern use of the cushion cut

While the notch is popular, it can be difficult to find a straight version It is often covert unbefitting fresh terms like modified cushions, classic cushions, chunky cushions, broken glass, crushed ice, no culets, big culets, expired minders, square cushions, and rectangular cushionsToday, cushion score diamonds are often accompanied by a diamond ‘halo’, as it brings further urgency to the pith aficionado and adds shine to the round overall

Unlike further diamond cut, it offers a variation of options regarding facets, alignment and ratios smartly because it has undergone so many changes as it has developed over the years This makes it one of the most bespoke antique assignment orb cuts.

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